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Tongren Polytechnic College Offering Special Care to International Students Despite of the Outbreak of Covid-19

Most of international students like Chinese counterparts chose to go home when the winter vocation began on the 1 of January. However, 63 of them had to stay in Tongren because of various reasons. Some wanted to visit scenic spots in China, and some decided to review the courses. But, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 totally spoiled their plans. As a result, they became the key protective ones for the college which established 5 measures to maintain their safety. 
No 1: recognition. International students are not only common learners in China, but also the messenger of cultural exchange between China and other nations. They , connected with international cooperation and exchange, also expressed trust and respect towards China and Chinese Culture. Therefore, it is of importance to safeguard their health safety. The administration of international students accordingly was listed as the priority for the leaders at the college and numerous targeted measures were implemented as well.  
No.2: administration. All of the international students were arranged to live in relatively intensive areas and were strictly registered as well as taken temperature before entering the dormitories around the clock by the staff in charge of the dormitory. International school, altogether with the students’ affairs department, will check the dormitories at a designated time and handle the issues relating to the students.   
No. 3: investigation. During this special period, the teachers on duty shall take temperature of every students on a daily basis ,conduct psychological conciliation, get to know their physical, psychological, and behavioral conditions , intensify all-day administration and control, record and report the real-time data in a timely manner. Currently, the stay-at-campus international students were in good condition.    
No.4: service. We have to improve the propaganda of pandemic prevention and control so as to let them know the condition of the covid-19. Besides, teachers shall translate the knowledge relating to the disease into multiple languages, such as English and Lao and send them the information via learning apps. Surely, the teacher shall answer the questions for them and check their learning conditions. Furthermore, vegetables,rice , edible oil and salt shall be sent to them every week. Lastly, their use of water, electricity and cars were also safeguarded by us. 
No.5: care. The secretary Yang Chunguang and president Zhang Jingchun came to the dormitories to visit the international students several times, guide the disease prevention and control, talk with them amiably and encourage them to study hard. Moreover, every international students were offered RMB 500. To be frank, they were deeply moved by our warm-hearted actions and felt the deep friendship of Chinese.
Recent years, we have fostered a slew of international students who show thanks to China and Chinese because of equal respect, orderly administration and enthusiastic service. On the third of March, our international students practising in a hospital in Laos sent us a video of “China to win, Wuhan to Win” to express their best wishes.