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College Party General Secretary Attends “Academic Vanguard” Symposium


The Guizhou “Academic Vanguard” Symposium was held in Room 3-6, Building B, in the afternoon of January 3rd, attended by College Party General Secretary Mr. Yang Chunguang, vice college president Mr. Yang Zhengshui and Mr. Zhang Jianjun, and director of Science and Research Department Mr. Tan Zi’an, together with all members of the College Academic Vanguards. The symposium was chaired by Ms. Wu Yu, dean of Economy and Management Department.
In the symposium, Mr. Yang Chunguang read out the official announcement of the first batch of “Academic Vanguard” in the province, and gave his congratulations on gaining this honorable title. He says that the “Academic Vanguard” should continue to carry out all research work for the purpose of developing rural industries of the local ethnic minorities’ areas in Wuling Mountain. The research subject and perspective are encouraged to focus on local social development and economic growth. The “Academic Vanguard” and “Research Center of Rural Industry Development for Wuling Ethnic Areas” should aim to become influential think tanks in the region.
Mr. Yang Zhengshui, Mr. Zhang Jiajun, Mr. Tan Zi’an and other vanguard members shared their thought and idea on how to develop this provincial approved research organization.
In the end, the host Ms. Wu Yu said that we should make full advantage of the “Academic Vanguard” and “Research Center of Rural Industry Development for Wuling Ethnic Areas” , and make greater contribution to the local region by making more fruitful achievements in the scientific research.