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Tongren Polytechnic College has built cooperative relations with many colleges and enterprises such as Shenzhen Polytechnic, Qingdao Technical College, Dalian vocational and Technical College, Wuxi Institute of Technology, Liming Vocational University, Zibo Vocational Institute, Qiannan Vocational and Technical College for Nationalities, Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, Yuping Vocational School, Songtao Medical School, and even Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College in Malaysia.


Inter-college Cooperation and Communications

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President Hou Changlin (4th L) of TRPTC hold talks on coopertation with leaders of South Tower Normal College

Vice president Fan Qianjiang of TRPTC (4th R Front) and his party visit Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College


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President Hou Changlin visits Institute of Technical Education in Singapore

TRPTC holds conference on exchanges with Qingdao Technical College and Vocational and Technical College of Anshun

School-enterprise Cooperation

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Cooperation with China Mobile

Cooperation with Tea Industry Company


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Cooperation with Automobile Transportation Company

Cooperation with enterprises in Xiamen City


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Cooperation with Hongcheng Driving School

Cooperation with Tongren Baoxin Hotel