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About Faculty and Staff of the College

"What makes a university is not only the grand buildings, but also masters". Tongren Polytechnic attaches great importance to the faculty construction. The college also emphasizes the development of all teachers besides its students. In order to put theories into practice, most of the teachers are required to go deep into the fields, farms, workshops, and so on, according to their respective research fields. By combining thesis writing and teaching with practice, there emerges a batch of famous teachers nicknamed "fish professor", "watermelon professor", "rice professor", "goose professor", etc.


Currently, the college has a well-organized teaching faculty and staff of 541 with outstanding teaching, academic, and scientific research achievements. The teachers number 415, including 134 professors and associate professors as well as a group of outstanding lecturers. They are responsible for provincial and national research projects and teaching materials. There are altogether 166 teachers and professors with master degree or doctor degree, and 280 own double qualifications. It has three teaching teams: one teaching team at the state level and two at the provincial level. There are 6 courses being initiated and approved as excellent courses among which one is a national excellent course, and the other five are provincial excellent courses.



e  teaching team of Production Technology on Plant Medicine (state-level)

 The teaching team of Plant Production Technology (provincial level)




he teaching team of Excellent Course "Landscape Plants Identification Technique" (state-level)

 The teaching team of Excellent Course "Cultral  Cultivation for College Students" (provincial level)