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    Tongren Polytechnic College (TRPTC) is a public and full-time higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Guizhou Province in June 2002, which covers an area of 94 hectares. It is a project construction unit by the country's key vocational colleges,secondary vocational national model school,"jointly built by the provincial and the Ministry" colleges and universities (The State Ethnic Affairs Commission and The People's Government of Guizhou Province),national high quality polytechnic colleges,the national "double high school plan".At present, the college has a full-time enrollment of over 21432 students (including 16030 vocational students, 5037 secondary vocational students and 365 international students), who come from 23 provinces and autonomous regions and 23 countries including Russia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Zimbabwe.

    At present, the college has a teaching faculty and staff of 910., including 733 full-time teachers, 46 professional leaders, 558 off campus part-time teachers. There are 308 professors and associate professors,357 with intermediate titles, 378 with master's and doctor's degrees, 618 with double qualification teachers, 1 national model for teaching and education, 5 provincial and municipal management experts, 6 visiting scholars of "light of the west", and 1 visiting scholar of "light of the first show".

    There are 13 secondary colleges including Agricultural College, College of Pharmacy, Medical College, College of Nursing , Engineering College, The college of Economics and Business Administration.,College of Information Technology,College of Humanities,College of International Education, College of Continuing Education, Tongren Secondary Vocational College, Tongren Technical school, Tongren Industrial school. There are 43 higher vocational majors, which include 10 national keys and backbone ones respectively, 6 provincial key and backbone majors respectively and 3 provincial key professional groups,1 national excellent teaching team, 6 provincial excellent teaching teams, 1 provincial scientific and technological innovation talent team, 6 provincial master studios, 1 national excellent course,1 national resource sharing course, 14 provincial excellent courses and open courses.

    The college has "eight high-level scientific research and innovation platforms", i.e. national and local joint Engineering Research Center for separation and purification technology of ethnic Chinese veterinary drugs, postdoctoral research workstation, key open laboratory of the National People's Committee "One belt, one road" national and regional research center, key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences, talent base for veterinary medicine and ecological animal husbandry in ethnic minority, engineering research center of veterinary drugs in Guizhou Province, and Guizhou research center of feed and forage safety and high efficiency utilization. There are more than 20 research and development institutions, such as the national tea industry system (Tongren) tea comprehensive test station, Guizhou China Veterinary Medicine Engineering Research Center, Tongren Industrial Development Research Center, and National Veterinary Medicine Research Institute. There are 198 training bases, including ecological agriculture demonstration park, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical production open training base, NIIT big data and software service outsourcing training base, including 3 national open training bases.

    The college cooperates with more than ten domestic universities, such as South-Central  University for Nationalities, Dalian Minzu University, Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University, and more than 50 foreign universities, such as Alliant International University, Korea National University of Transportation, University Gadjah Mada, University Malaysia Sabah.

    The college follows to the school-running concept of Cultivating Persons with Morals,Starting Careers with Techniques, and serving the society", adheres to the school motto of "Illustrious Virtue ,Truth-pursuing, Earnest Practice, Self-improving", carries forward the spirit of college "Being Realistic and Pragmatic, Being Self-confident and Self-improving", closes to the development of local industry, cultivates high-quality technical and technical talents of compound innovation type, and strives to build a high-quality technical and technical talents with strong connotation, quality, excellent structure and stable scale World standard, Chinese characteristics, Tongren mark "national high-quality vocational colleges. In 2011, it was awarded the title of "national typical experience university for graduate employment". In 2012, it was approved as the national pilot unit of corporate governance structure reform of public institutions,and as the first batch of national pilot units of educational informatization in the same year.In 2013, it passed the acceptance of construction projects of backbone Vocational Colleges in the "national construction plan of demonstrative higher vocational colleges" with excellence,and it ranked among the top 25 Vocational Colleges in China in the first selection of "top 100 vocational education in China"in the same year. In 2014, as the only higher vocational college, president Zhang Jingchun was also warmly received by Premier Li Keqiang when he made a typical experience exchange speech at the National Vocational Education Conference. In the same year, Tongren secondary vocational school successfully passed the acceptance of "national secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration school construction project", and the college became a national dual demonstration of Higher Vocational and secondary vocational education colleges. In 2015, it ranked first in the annual school list of "witness 2014 - the bright spot of China's Vocational and technical education in our eyes",the National People's Committee and the people's Government of Guizhou Province signed an agreement to build Tongren Vocational College, making it the only Vocational College in the south that was jointly built by the National People's Committee and the local government in the same year. In 2016, it became one of the 27 pilot colleges for teaching diagnosis and improvement in vocational colleges nationwide. In 2017, it became one of the first batch of high-quality vocational colleges in Guizhou Province, approved as the "first batch of national new vocational farmers cultivation demonstration base", won the "2016 top 50 international influence of Higher Vocational Colleges", was selected as the second batch of "national 100 modern apprenticeship pilot Higher Vocational Colleges" by the Ministry of education, and approved as the fifth batch of "national unity and progress to create demonstration area (unit)". In 2018, it won the top 50 "international influence" and "service contribution" of 2017 higher vocational colleges, it was elected as the vice chairman unit of the National Higher Vocational College Party committee secretary forum, the member unit of the presidium of the national higher vocational college president joint meeting and the Secretariat of the ethnic minority Vocational Education Professional Committee of China Vocational and technical education society. In 2019, one belt, one road, the 2018 international higher occupation school, the 50 most influential international students, the 50 outstanding education achievements and 50 service contributions, were awarded the Key Laboratory of the National People's Liberation Commission, the key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences and the national and regional research center of "one belt and one road". Three won the two prize of the national teaching achievement award, and became the national high-quality vocational college. In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, it has been ranked among the top 100 universities in China in terms of competitiveness, ranking first in Guizhou Province.



The Motto:

Illustrious Virtue            Truth-pursuing              

Earnest Practice             Self-improving

The Spirit of Tongren Polytechnic College:

Being Realistic and Pragmatic

Being Self-confident and Self-improving

Mission Statement:

Cultivating Persons with Morals, Starting Careers with Techniques

Serving the Construction of the New Countryside

Establishing Specialties:

Interacting with the Local Economic Development

Accommodating Education with the Demand of Professional Positions