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Zhang Qiang and Other Members Visited Our College for Investigation


    On October 19, Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary general of Nanjing Municipal Consultative Conference of Jiangsu Province and director of the Education, Health, Culture and History Committee, and other 6 members visited our college to investigate the situation of vocational education. Zhang Jingchun, principal of Tongren Polytechnic College and Agu DaM, deputy director of the Party Administration Office accompanied the group for investigation.

    Zhang Qiang and his group visited our college’s teaching and scientific research sites, such as NIIT large data and software outsourcing training base, animal and plant specimen museum, national and local joint engineering centre of separation and purification technology of traditional Chinese veterinary drugs, student affairs center, etc. They had the detailed understanding of the training concepts, training models and teaching methods of NIIT, as well as our college's vigorous development of national veterinary medicine research projects and other teaching and scientific research relying on local characteristics of resources.

   Zhang Qiang pointed out that Tongren Polytechnic College had a solid teaching foundation, strong scientific research faculty, a lot of scientific research achievements and good results, and he fully affirmed the construction of a series of high-end research platforms and innovative breakthroughs in scientific and technological achievements of our college.