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Qin Litao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of our college, is here to present a research project on the major decisions of the municipal party committee in 2018.


      In recent days, the office of the leading group on major decision-making issues of Tongren's municipal committee published a research topic on the major decision issues of the municipal party committee of Tongren this year. As of this year, there are 10 public bidding projects in the whole city, and Tongren Polytechnic has won two. Among them is the research of the talent market in Tongren, which is supervised by the deputy party secretary of the college.


      The subject of this presentation will be the research of the past and present situation, the overview of Tongren’s talent pool, the brief overview of how this talent pool search was instituted and its strategy, the main problems and accomplishments of the Tongren city construction talent pool policy, Tongren and new insights about the countermeasures of the construction of the implementation of six different policies to promote talent acquisition. These policies will help form the constructive solution, and provide valuable insight into decision-making regarding Tongren’s ambitions for development and prosperity. Through this research, important information regarding our college’s talent policy will help the cultivation of future teaching staff and serve as the foundation of an even higher-quality vocational college.